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The Brink - From matte painting to animation

Hello to all the community,

I am writing today to show you my latest personal project.
This is a tribute to the fantastic video game Final Fantasy 9, the best game of my childhood, and that made me want to work in the world of computer graphics.
It's been awhile that I wanted realizea picture in the mood of Final Fantasy 9.
For connoisseurs, I chose an environment lying near to the village of Dali.
This is a kind of pier for flying boats lying at the edge of a cliff.
This environment always make me dreaming.

In production medium, I discovered a project "Exploration // Exploitation" of Perdro Fernandes, an artist that I really appreciate.
It has managed to create an animation from his matte painting. From that moment, I told myself I had to do the same with my project. A challenge I've never raised.
For the boat, I was inspired by the artist Ian McQue, which achieves excellent illustrations.

I hope you enjoy this project ! And I look forward to your comments !


Romuald chaigneau fantasy environment redim

The Brink - From Matte Painting To Animation

The Brink - From Matte Painting To Animation - VFX BreakDown HD

Romuald chaigneau crop 4
Romuald chaigneau crop 2
Romuald chaigneau crop 3
Romuald chaigneau crop 6
Romuald chaigneau crop 5